Our Project Portal is 100% about Job Creation. Subscribers to our network have one mission.  Connect with expanding or relocating companies that can create new jobs and economic benefits to their community.  WEDA's project portal is the direct link to connect with companies "on the move"!

Personalized Service –
More than just a database, this is a service. Every step will involve a Professional that will help you find the information that you need, whether it is a distribution facility or a large manufacturing firm. Your Qualifications Specialist will take the time to listen to your needs and get you in touch with companies that are a match for your community.

Detailed Reports –
The reports that you receive will provide critical key data and information to help you determine if the company is a good match for what your community has to offer.

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Profile Report


An Economic Development Focus – Because we work with and for Economic Development Professionals, we understand your needs and we can help you to bring businesses to your community. Our Projects are for you, the ED Professional.

Full Service at Discounted Pricing –
In comparison to other retail database services, our Project Portal is significantly less expensive. We recognize that budgetary constraints can very often mean the difference between having access to the tools you need or not. We have made our Project Portal reasonably priced to make it easy to fit into the budget of nearly every community, regardless of size.